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How do I order cut flowers?

   Simply review our flower page and sizing guide and make note of what you would like to order.  Then, call or email us (from your own       email or through our "Contact" page) with your desired order.

What happens then?

   We will review your desired order along with our availability of flowers.  We will then contact you with flower availability, expected             pricing, and shipping costs.  We only collect payment information from you at that point.

How quickly will I receive my flowers after ordering?

   This depends a great deal on order size.  For small orders (100 stems or less), we can typically ship in 2 days, but for orders

   larger than this, more time will be needed.  After we receive your order and assess our fields, we should be able to give an

   approximate ship date to you. We cannot fill next day or same day orders.

Can I make an inquiry about flowers before or without ordering?

   Certainly, but please be very clear that it is an inquiry only so that we do not cut flowers that will then not be sent.

Why can't I just order through the website?

   Our flowers are always in varying stages of readiness for cutting so availability changes so frequently that keeping a website updated       with available quantities would be a Herculian task.  And we are just too small to accomplish that.  This is typical for most growers,           even larger ones.

Can I order bouquets?

   No.  We are a flower wholesaler and sell cut flowers by the stem. We may add some bouquet options in the future but aren't there yet.

Can I order whole plants?

   No.  We are unable to ship whole plants.  We will sell plants within the state of Hawaii from time to time but are not doing so currently.

I am sourcing flowers for an event and would like them to be as uniform as possible.  Is this an option?

   Possibly.  This is highly dependent upon the season, which flowers are available, and the volume of the order.  Some flower varieties         are much more uniform than others, so those varieties are likely the better option to satisfy this parameter.

What are your prices?

   Prices vary between flower variety and by season.  We would be happy to supply a current price list upon request.

Do you take orders far in advance?

   We can certainly review all requests with the understanding that the response at the time of order placement is only our best guess of       what flowers will be available at shipping time.

Are there order minimums or maximums?

   Minimum orders for wholesale sales are 40 stems. Maximums on orders are a function of availability.


How do you ship?

   We currently ship exclusively through Fedex, as they give us the best rate.  The shipments are typically overnight or 2-day, therefore we

   usually only ship out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and occasionally Thursdays (overnight only) so that we can get the flowers to         you in the best possible condition.  So keep in mind any order finalized on a Friday will not ship out until Monday.

What are the shipping costs?

   They will vary based on the size and weight of the shipped box(es).  We do have a good rate from Fedex, which we will plan to discuss     with you during order planning before your order is finalized.

Do you ship internationally?

   Currently, no.  We ship anywhere in the contiguous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. 

Do you ship to both business and residential addresses?

   Yes, we do.  As long as you are able to receive a shipment from Fedex, we can ship to you.  However, we are not responsible for                 shipments if we are given an incorrect address.

Can I track my shipment?

   Yes.  When we prepare your shipping label, we will send you the tracking number with your finalized invoice.

Can I receive my shipment and pay later?

   No. We will collect your payment for the flowers along with shipping and handling prior to sending your shipment.

If I am located on Hawaii Island, can I pick up my order directly from you?

   Absolutely!  We welcome our local customers to pick up flowers directly from our farm.  Please indicate you would prefer this option         when you initiate your order.

Flower Care

How do I care for my flowers when they arrive?

   We recommend trimming the stems about 1/2 inch prior to placing them in fresh, clean water.  Also, avoid temperature extremes and

   keep your flowers out of direct sunlight, as they burn easily.

How long will the flowers last?

   Our anthuriums typically have a 2-3 week vase life, though we have noticed that some will last even longer.


Are your flowers available year round?

   Yes.  There are many more blooms available in the summer and they are also larger in size.  Winter sees fewer, smaller blooms.

Where are you located?

   Our farm is located near Mountain View on the southeast side of Hawaii Island, known as the Big Island.

Do you discriminate?

   Absolutely not.  We welcome all people of all stripes to enjoy our flowers.

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