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Our Growing Story

Kilauea Anthurium Farm is a 5 acre boutique anthurium farm at just over 2000 feet elevation on the Big Island of Hawaii.  It was originally established by the previous owner, who allowed the plants to cross-pollinate to create some unusual varieties not found elsewhere.  The elevation provides a cooler climate for the plants, which causes them to develop a thicker cuticle and thus a glossier flower.  There are also 10 additional acres on the property to which we plan to add cymbidium orchids and potentially other tropicals. My husband and I bought the farm in 2019 and look forward to growing the business over time.


We are currently taking custom orders of cut flowers for the US only.  If you are interested in ordering, please review our varieties then send a detailed message or call us with your preferred varieties, quantities, and sizes.  All orders are subject to review based on availability and we will not ask for payment information until details are confirmed.  Thank you for visiting our on-line site and we look forward to working with you!


Official farm mascot Otis
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